Drawing on the rich history of their land of France, Theraphosa takes its inspiration from the codes of fashion and weaves a cold and elegant universe where a will of spiritual transcendance is translated into music.

Coming from the Parisian suburbs, Theraphosa was founded in 2007 by the desire of Kamaroth to propose his vision of a « Made in France » Metal.

Immediately joined by his younger brother Nhera on bass and Martin on drums, the band started touring the same year and cut its teeth with their first demo in 2009.

Later on, Theraphosa entered the studio to record 4 tracks, which will constitute « Unleash the Swarm », the debut EP of the band.

That is when they cross paths with the photographer and director Denis Goria, who will shoot the band’s photographs.

Following this comes the meeting with Jan Rechberger, drummer of the Progressive Metal band Amorphis.

He will work on the mix of the track « War Machine » and put all his know-how for the band’s music.

Finally, it’s Mika Jussila who will show once again his skills by working on the mastering of the track at Finnvox Studio.

Strengthened by its experiences and endowed with the distinctive patience of the tarantula whose name has baptised the band, Theraphosa is determined to share its music and its values and works closely with Denis Goria on their first video clip.

Kamaroth // Guitar & Lead Vocals
Nhera // Bass & Back Vocals
Martin // Drums